Where to Start
A practical Guide to how to use the AP in EE

Start with a Quick Search

* please note that some links will require EE credentials to access
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    Search EE’s Google Drive, Slack and Blogin for previous documents and blogs that relate to your decision. This might well turn up prior decisions, discussions, guidelines and APs that you can learn from. All APs are in Google Drive, and are listed here.
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    Use the AP template, filling in the sections described below (click this link to make a copy of the template).
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    Move the completed document into the Advice Process -> Proposals folder and share it with the people you need feedback from.
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    Share the doc in the #ap-decisions Slack channel. You can do this before, during or after you’ve received feedback.
Note that it’s important we don’t bog ourselves down in bureaucracy. The Advice Process is only required for a decision that is useful for others to know about.
There’s no need to record decisions where the following points apply:
  • There is limited impact and limited investment, AND
  • You’re following a mature set of guidelines (e.g. training and conferences) that you agree apply to your circumstances.
For everything else, please capture your decision – at the latest after you’ve completed the Advice Process. Be sure to record the following:

Standard Advice and Conventions

After change has settled into the standard working practices it can become ‘standard advice’. Examples of this include:
  • Our policies around conferences and training
  • Expenses:
    • The typical amount people can spend on a hotel
    • What is considered a valid business expense (and what is not)
    • Entertaining clients and teams
  • Sponsoring Events runbook
If you’re happy working within the framework that the standard advice has created then you don’t need to raise an AP. But if you want to challenge the standard advice, you should consider creating a new AP.
You should record in your decision why you disagree with the conventional way of doing things, so we can update the “standard advice” afterwards to help the next person.

The AP Template

The Equal Experts Advice Process template is publically available. Some links within it point to internal EE resources which require EE credentials to access.
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Start with a Quick Search
Standard Advice and Conventions
The AP Template