Who is this playbook for?

Spoiler alert, its for people in EE and those interested in the Advice Process
It’s for anyone that’s interested in the Advice Process – both inside Equal Experts and outside.
Inside EE?
A key reason this playbook exists is to support employees inside Equal Experts and provide an overview of the processes we use, so new starters can gain context and support. It’s also for old hands who want a refresher on how to do things (not everyone will need to run an AP regularly).
If you make decisions in your day to day job (which we all do) this will be relevant to you. It’s more than just seeking advice – it's about corporate governance (in an accessible, non-boring way, hopefully). It’s intended to help us manage ongoing change while continuing to run the company in an un-corporate way – and keep the network recognisably ‘us’ as we continue to grow.
Outside EE?
It’s our hope that this playbook might also provide a template or framework for any other people and/or organisations who are outside the Equal Experts network, who are looking for a real-world guide to implementing the Advice Process (or something like it). At the very least, hopefully some element of our experience may inform your own efforts. We have released this playbook under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License which means you can modify it and use it, even for commercial purposes, as long as you give credit and distribute under the same license.