Using this Playbook

A quick break-down to describe how we have structured the playbook
The Playbook is broken down into several sections.


An overview of the Advice Process and why we think this system of management works, plus an outline of advantages we’ve seen and some pitfalls to avoid. Read this section if you are new to the Advice Process and want to gain some general context about what it is, and what it isn’t.

How the Advice Process works

A more detailed look at each step in the process as followed by EE, together with some relevant theory, real-world experiences and tips. If you’re an EE employee, this is the process to follow to get investment into ideas and how you make change within; if you’re external, this is our real world example of the AP in action.

Run an AP

This section is based on the practicalities - detailing what you actually need to do to run an AP, and in what order,

AP Housekeeping

In this section, you’ll find useful templates and a rundown of the various Slack channels we use to administer and discuss APs within EE.

Even more AP

For those researching the possibility of adopting their own Advice Process, or just those who can’t get enough of innovative business management (hey, it happens), we’ve shared some of the reference material that’s informed us over the last few years. You’ll also find ways to contact us to discuss all this in more detail, or let us know what you think of this playbook (we’d love to hear from you!).