Concept creation
Creating the idea

Concept creation

The creative part – come up with a concept that you think will offer value within the EE Network.
Decentralisation and empowerment is more than delegating decisions to a lower level of a hierarchy; it also means decentralisation and empowerment of ideas.
In an extreme command and control environment, when to jump and how high comes from the central command. Or, put another way, the flow of ideas originated from the command end of the system.
In contrast, highly decentralised hierarchies see ideas flow from all over the network. The idea to jump (and how high) might come from central command, but the idea to stand on one leg might come from elsewhere in the overall hierarchy (jumping wasn’t the right thing to do this time).
At Equal Experts, we want to drive towards ideas flowing from all over the network, and the Advice Process helps us to achieve this. Having a self-appointed decision maker for initiatives under a certain impact threshold is one way this works, as it helps to encourage ideas to be tested without being stopped by higher powers. For higher impact items, it is rare (but possible) that an initiative is stopped while confirming the Decision Maker (the next step).
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